Revenue Cycle Management and Consulting Services

Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is the industry leader in Revenue Cycle Management and Consulting Services.

We are your partners for a more profitable future. With over 225 professional with real-world industry experience and a thorough knowledge of what it takes to position your practice for a more profitable future. We have an unwavering commitment to our client’s success provide real value to our partnering practices.

We are experts in Orthopedics and Radiology. HIS has Divisions established at two different locations for Orthopedics and Radiology. At these locations, HIS employs expertly trained and specialized teams to manage the revenue cycle and provide consulting services specific for your Orthopedic or Radiology practices. HIS has been providing expert leadership and services to Orthopedic and Radiology practices for more than two decades. This experience and specific focus has allowed us to provide our partnering practices with unmatched service and results.

We are not just a billing company! In fact, we cringe when someone describes HIS as such. We are an expert partner for revenue cycle and consulting services. Anyone can submit a bill or claim… HIS goes well beyond that to improve the fundamentals of your practice and business. HIS takes a holistic approach to your business. We review business and workflow protocols to identify where improvements can be made, additional revenue can be generated and/or captured and to ensure compliance. We are truly your partner for increased profitability and sustained growth.

HIS Provides a wide array of services to private practices and hospitals:

Let HIS provide you with the support and expertise to keep the back-office administration tasks running smoothly.

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